The podcast for Angels and Seed Investors bold enough to write the first check.
Hosted by Shaherose Charania and Aamir Virani.

Learn how angel investors and seed investors decide to invest in technology startups

You'll get real-world lessons and examples from active angels and seed investors:
  • What stuck out with their first and favorite investments
  • How they gained the conviction to say “yes”
  • Whether they really add value to their companies!
Learn the nuances of raising seed investment and what makes angel investors tick.  As insiders, Shaherose and Aamir will also help foster connections with a community of like-minded individuals, both virtual and in person.

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Latest Episodes

08 Takeaways: Charles Hudson, Precursor Ventures: macro, team vs market, fund size vs. outcomes

Join Shaherose & Aamir as we reflect on our conversation with Charles Hudson of Precursor Ventures. Highlights: Don’t forget the macro: Government regulations can lead...

08: From the CIA to Google to 400+ pre-seed investments, first and early to define pre-seed - Charles Hudson, Precursor

Hailing from Michigan, Charles developed an early obsession with the public markets in high school. Charles Hudson is now the Managing Partner at Precursor Ventures, a...

07: Angel in 100+ startups, focused on learning and catalyzing mission-first startups - Eric Ries, Creator Lean Startup, Founder, LTSE

Eric Ries has invested in over 100+ early-stage startups. He is best known as the author of The Lean Startup, a must-read for entrepreneurs worldwide. He also founded ...

06: Finding Alpha in Texas - Rajiv Bala, Clutch VC

Rajiv Bala, GP of Clutch VC, a pre-seed and seed-stage fund exclusively investing in Texas. Rajiv is committed and bullish on the region with a hands-on approach to in...

05: Discovering hidden baseball talent to leading Sales at Stripe all applied to finding outliers in tech - Meka Asonye, First Round Capital

Meka Asonye, a Partner at First Round Capital, started angel investing in 2018 while working at Stripe and joined First Round in 2021. He has made dozens of Angel inve...

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